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CDHD And Others Urge Community To Be Vigilant In Covid Fight

Audio to the story below. 


With the state of Nebraska eliminating most restrictions related to the coronavirus, many health officials are concerned that the Grand Island community could be headed to another potentially dangerous covid 19 outbreak. 

State data has confirmed that Nebraska and seen a steady increase in those who have tested positive for covid 19.  One could in theory draw a conclusion that those numbers are directly related to school being back in session however Dr. Jennifer Brown with Nebraska Medicine says that isn’t what they are seeing 

The testing and tracing has led to frustration, testing results at one point where taking anywhere from 72 hours to a week, and even if those test come back negative those who had possible exposure to covid 19 are still being asked to quarantine. 

Despite the frustration, and undeniable covid fatigue that has set in, the weather will turn cooler, activities will be moving indoors and with influenza season right around the corner, planning is underway to avoid a potentially tricky situation.

Back in the Spring the Grand Island community took the fight to covid-19 we had one goal to accomplish...slow the spread of Covid 19, don’t overwhelm the healthcare system and flatten the curve...we didn’t flatten it...we crushed it…

Now nearly seven months later what’s the new goal?


The number of people hospitalized in the State with the virus grew to a new record of 271 Monday, well above the spring peak of 232 set in May.


Wednesday Oct 7 Feature Story