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City Of Grand Island

City Gives Update On North Road Paving Improvement

City Of Grand Island

North Road Paving Improvement Project; Old Potash Highway to 13th Street.

The City of Grand Island Public Works Department is announcing the North Road Paving Improvement Project from Old Potash Highway to 13th Street will be moving into the final phase on March 20, 2023. North Road will be closed to through traffic on March 20, 2023 from Faidley Avenue to 13th Street for intersection, driveway and sidewalk construction.

This segment of roadway will remain open for local property access, but should not be used by the general public. The North Road closure from Faidley Avenue to 13th Street is anticipated to be open by the end of April 2023.

The North Road and Faidley Avenue roundabout will remain open to east, west and southbound traffic. North Road from Old Potash Highway to Faidley Avenue will remain open.

North Road Paving Improvement Project; Highway 30 to Old Potash Highway.

The general contractor, Diamond Engineering Company, has revised the construction sequence for the North Road project from Highway 30 to Old Potash Highway. North Road was closed on March 10, 2023 from Stauss Road to Edna Drive. Property owner access for residents on the west side of North Road shall access North Road from Edna Drive. This included residents on Westgate Road, Joey Circle, Centre Street, Lillie Drive, Mable Drive and Edna Drive.

The North Road closure from Stauss Road to Edna Drive is anticipated to be open by the end of May 2023.