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Friends of Grand Island Parks Receives Landscape Funds

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum

Grand Island, NE - The 2022 Greener Towns program recently awarded landscape funding to 11 projects in 7 communities in Nebraska. Friends of Grand Island Parks is one of the recipients of\ funding for efforts that improve local green infrastructure for pollinator habitat, manage stormwater or
accomplish other economic, environmental, aesthetic and social goals. Friends of Grand Island Parks applied for the funds and will coordinate the planting of the project in 2023. Vikki Deuel said the goal for this project is that of ““Restoring the Glory of Historic Stolley Garden” to honor William Stolley, an 1857 immigrant to Grand Island’s settlement. In 1860, on land which is now Stolley Park, Stolley planted 6000 tress and organized the State Grange to meet the trials of a treeless prairie. With so much history, it only makes sense to have the garden restoration project be the first cooperative effort between the Hall County Historical Society, the G.I. Parks Department and Friends of Grand Island Parks. Together, the group plans to enhance the history of the park by restoring the garden to the type of glory that existed when it was one Wilhelminia Stolley’s favorite spots on their homestead.” The Greener Towns program is coordinated by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and funded by the Nebraska Environmental Trust, a beneficiary of the Nebraska Lottery. The Greener Towns program is currently accepting projects to be planted in 2023. For more information, go to or contact Sarah Buckley at

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