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GIEA Was Main Distributor Of Chaperone Survey

More information continues to come out on this week's survey that was released from Chaperone regarding teacher satisfaction at Grand Island Public Schools.

Former Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen wrote a letter to the Board of Education, that he shared on social media, saying that the teachers union, the Grand Island Education Association was the main distributor of the survey 

GIPS issued a statement yesterday saying "The survey is more political theater that is more interested in chaos than conversation."

In regards to the education association distributing the survey,  GIPS said "While the association is part of the greater work we have in the district they do not represent the majority of our staff. We are disappointed GIEA would choose this divisive avenue rather than opting for collaborative dialogue with us directly."

The second half of the survey was released last night on the Chaperone website with one simple question

“Is there anything else you would like to voice?"

The release of the survey data shows over 100 responses to that question from teachers that are not only appreciative of chappernones efforts, but frustrated with the status quo.

Chaperone Survey Part II Link


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