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Stabbing and related shooting

On 10/8/20 at 12:21 am, Grand Island Police Department officers responded to
area of 1 st & Clark for an assault report. A 29 female reported being assaulted by a 21 year old
suspect who was known to the victim, after being flagged down by a vehicle the suspect was in
and was following the victim. The female did not wish to pursue criminal charges for the


On 10/8/20 at approximately 1:30-1:45 am, victims Fadumo Nur (29) and cousin
Abdifatah Nur (21) were assaulted at 415 S. Cherry. This is still an active investigation.
Victim #1 – Abdifatah was cut and stabbed with a knife while being assaulted by a group
of suspects.
Suspect – Shafi Mohamed (22) was arrested for 2 nd Degree Assault and Use of a
Weapon to Commit a Felony

Victim #2 – Fadumo Nur was struck by an object believed to be a baseball bat, causing
serious injury to her hand. Both were treated and released from St. Francis.
This incident was reported to the police at 2:41 am, after the reported shooting occurred, even
though it happened just prior to the shooting incident.


 On 10/8/20 at 2:05 am, Officers were detailed to 212 N. Oak for an assault. Upon
officers arrival, it was determined a male subject had been shot. This is still an active
Victim #1, Shafi Mohamed (22) was shot in the leg. He was treated and released from
St. Francis.
Victim#2, Abdiquani Egeh (24) was assaulted by several suspects.
Victim #3, Deeqa Aden (26) was punched in the face and threatened with a weapon.
Offender/Arrested: Abdikadir Abdi (30)
Att. 1st Degree Murder 28-201 CL II FEL
1st Degree Assault 28-201 CL II FEL
Use of Firearm to Commit Felony(x3) 28-1205 CL IC FEL
Terroristic Threats 28-311.01 CL III FEL
Offender/Arrested: Abdifatah Nur (21)
Aiding and Abetting 1st Degree Assault 28-205 CL IV FEL
3rd Degree Assault 28-310 CL I MIS
Offender/Arrested: Omer Yusuf (26)
Aiding and Abetting 1st Degree Assault 28-205 CL IV FEL
3rd Degree Assault 28-310 CL I MIS


On 10/8/20 at 12:00 pm, Grand Island Police Department personnel served a
search warrant at 611 S. Yund St. as part of the investigation of the above-related incidents.
During the search of this residence, a suspect in the shooting incident was arrested for the
following additional charges.
Offender/Arrested: Abdikadir Abdi (30)
Poss. Stolen Firearm 28-1212.03 CL IIA FEL
Poss. Defaced Firearm 28-1207 CL III FEL
Poss. Cont. Substance(meth) 28-416 CL II FEL
w/intent to distribute
Poss. Marijuana Less oz 28-416 CL INF
Poss. Firearm by Prohibited Person 28-1206 CL ID FEL

These are all still active investigations and investigators are still talking to other witnesses and
expect other charges to be filed.