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News media report for: 02/09/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.

Offense: Counterfeit Currency
Victim: 34 year old male Incident #: L24020631
Date and Time of Incident: 2/8/24 @ 14:24
Location of Incident: 614 N Eddy St
Brief Narrative: On 2/8/24, officers responded to Pham's Coffee and Boba regarding counterfeit currency. An unknown customer uttered a counterfeit $100 bill and received $92.04 in change.

Offense: Fraud
Victim: 54 year old male Incident #: L24020656
Date and Time of Incident: 2/8/24 @ 12:00
Location of Incident: 2221 W Anna St
Brief Narrative: On 02/08/2024 it was reported that an adult male received an email from Paypal alerting him of fraudulent charges totaling $5,348.00. The male would be coerced into sending the money via bitcoin to an unknown recipient.

Offense: Counterfeit Currency
Victim: Olive Garden Incident #: L24020661
Date and Time of Incident: 2/8/24 @ 20:40
Location of Incident: 1010 Allen Dr
Brief Narrative: On 02/08/2024 at approximately 2046 hours, Officers responded to 1010 Allen Dr., Grand Island, Ne 68803 known as Olive Garden Italian Restaurant in reference to forgery. The reporting party stated the male suspect tried to pay for his meal with a $100 bill that was believed to be counterfeit. The male suspect walked out of Olive Garden and did not return.