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News media report for: 02/26/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.

Offense: Probation Violation
Victim: Incident #: L24021890
Offender: Joshua T Smith
Date and Time of Incident: 02/23/24 10:37 am
Location of Incident: 1925 E 4th Street
Brief Narrative: Joshua Smith was contacted and arrested at 1925 4th Street E. in reference to a probation violation. Joshua was then transported to Hall County Corrections and housed without incident.
Probation Violation- 30 Day Sanction 29-2266 IIIA FEL

Offense: Assault
Victim: 25 yr old female Incident #: L24021922
Date and Time of Incident: 02/23/24 7:26 pm
Location of Incident: 2512 La Mar Ave
Brief Narrative: GIPD Officer's responded to 2620 W Faidley Ave for an assault. A female reported she was struck in the back of the head when the male threw a rock at her. Additionally, the female was struck in the face by a rock and also received punches to her face. At this time, she did not want to pursue any criminal charges on the male.

Offense: Identity Theft
Victim: Patricia Anson Incident #: L24021901
Date and Time of Incident: 02/23/24 2:46 pm
Location of Incident: 642 N Broadwell Ave
Brief Narrative: A female reported that she received a phone call about a loan being sent to collections. The female did not apply for the loan. It was determined that during the pandemic, someone applied for a Payroll Protection Program using the victim’s identity. The loan amount was $20,025.
Offense: Drugs
Victim: Incident #: L24022029
Offender: Cassandra L Quickbear
Date and Time of Incident: 02/24/24 8:10 pm
Location of Incident: 1404 W 3rd St
Brief Narrative: On 2/24/2024, at approximately 8:13pm, Officers assisted the Hall County Probation Office with a probation search at 1404 W 3RD ST. Prior to arriving on scene, officers were advised that a crystalline substance indicative of methamphetamine and various pieces of drug paraphernalia were found in the residence. Officers assisted probation in the search, and located, photographed, and collected the crystalline substance, and the pieces of paraphernalia. During the search, officers also located a green leafy substance, indicative of marijuana. All of the substances listed above were in reach of a 17-month-old juvenile female and scattered throughout the upstairs dwelling. Cassandra Quickbear was arrested for the following charges.
1] Possess controlled substance/28-416(3)/ Class IV FO
1] Negligent Child Abuse/ 28-707(3)/ Class I MO
1] Possess marijuana =<1 ounce; 1st off/ 28-416(13) (A)/ INF
1] Drug paraphernalia/ 28-441/ INF