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GI Police Report

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All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours.
For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.

Offense: Drugs
Victim: Incident #: L24022219
Offender: Kelly Snyder
Date and Time of Incident: 2/27/24 @ 04:50
Location of Incident: 2300 N Webb Rd; Ste 101
Brief Narrative: On 02-27-2024 at approximately 0450 hours, officers responded to 2300 N Webb Rd Ste 101 on a report of a person in the back of the store with a white vehicle. Officers locate the white vehicle and a female looking for boxes in the dumpster. The female identified herself as Kelly Snyder and was verified by a Hall County booking photo. Officer observed a glass meth pipe in a box in the vehicle. Officer conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle locating a glass meth pipe, a homemade meth pipe out of an alcohol shooter bottle, and a small bag of Methamphetamine. Kelly was arrested for Possession Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug paraphernalia
Offense: Drugs
Victim: Incident #: L24022165
Offender: Ancieto Salinas
Date and Time of Incident: 2/26/24 @ 14:57
Location of Incident: 2301 W 2nd St
Brief Narrative: On 02-26-2024 at approximately 14:57 hours Ancieto Salinas was placed under arrest for a Buffalo County Warrant. Probation would also conduct a house visit prior to booking Aniceto in for the warrant. A search of 2301 W. 2nd St. was conducted by Probation. During the search, two glass smoking pipes, a digital scale and multiple plastic baggies containing Marijuana and Methamphetamine were located inside the apartment. Aniceto admitted ownership to the Marijuana, which weighed a combined weight of 15.4 grams. The Methamphetamine weighed a combined weight of 5.3 grams. The Methamphetamine tested positive as Meth. via TruNarc. Anicetno would be arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana less than 1oz and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Offense: Sexual Assault
Victim: 16 year old female Incident #: L24022164
Date and Time of Incident: between 1/1/19 & 1/1/120
Location of Incident: Within City Limits
Brief Narrative: Received HHS Intake# 1050519 that indicates a juvenile victim reported that she was subjected to a sexual assault, by her father, at an unknown Grand Island location sometime during 2019. Investigation is ongoing.

Offense: Sex Offense
Victim: 15 year old female Incident #: L24022147
Date and Time of Incident: between 6/1/23 & 2/26/24
Location of Incident: Within City Limits
Brief Narrative: On 02-26-2024 at approximately 09:44 hours a sex offense call was dispatched to an address within the city limits of Grand Island. The victim reported a video was taken of her while engaging in sexual acts without her consent. The victim would be made aware of the video when she attempted to leave the relationship and would be used against her as a threat to stay in the relationship. The video would be sent to a new friend who would also distribute it to multiple people in the victim’s social group. Investigation is ongoing.