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Nebraska Corn Leaders Present at Corn Harvest Quality Report Event

Nebraska State News

The Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) had two board members represent Nebraska during the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) Corn Harvest Quality Report events, with seminars recently taking place in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea for buyers in those markets.

Based on corn samples taken from 12 of the top corn-producing and exporting states, including Nebraska, this year’s report highlighted how the 2023 U.S. corn crop was the largest on record with the lowest percentage of broken corn and foreign material (BCFM) to date. Following the release of the yearly report, USGC offices around the world gather buyers to provide clear expectations regarding the quality of corn for this marketing year. During these events, crop quality information is accompanied by updates on U.S. corn grading and handling, which provides importers and end-users with a better understanding of how U.S. corn is moved and controlled through export channels.

Jay Reiners, chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board and farmer from Juanita attended the Taiwan and Japan Corn Harvest Quality Report Jan. 10-12 where he presented on his operation and outlook for 2024.

“The Corn Harvest Quality Report trade mission provides an opportunity to enhance relationships and transparency,” said Reiners. “I found value in conversations after the presentations because buyers and I always relate to one specific objective, providing the best quality product to consumers. When the corn leaves Juanita and arrives to them, my desire is it arrives in the same way it left the farm, top quality.”

Later in the month, Brandon Hunnicutt, vice chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board and farmer from Giltner, presented in Korea on Jan. 17 regarding the Corn Harvest Quality Report.

“Although some may see these trade missions and wonder how an impact can be made in a limited amount of time off the farm, I will continue to emphasize how no one can or will tell our story better than us,” said Hunnicutt. “When buyers see our willingness to step into another region where corn is purchased, it demonstrates our desire for connections and proof for responsibility of the corn we grow.”

The U.S. Grains Council aligns with the Nebraska Corn Board’s strategic mission of increasing the value and sustainability of Nebraska corn through promotion, market development and research. Currently, there is a $21 return on trade for every $1 invested with the U.S. Grains Council. These trade mission opportunities allow for the extension of developing and maintaining relationships and markets.

The Nebraska Corn Board is funded through a producer checkoff investment of ½-cent-per-bushel checkoff on all corn marketed in the state and is managed by nine farmer directors. The mission of the Nebraska Corn Board is to increase the value and sustainability of Nebraska corn through promotion, market development and research.