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Smith, Costa, Johnson, and Panetta Launch Ag Trade Caucus

Today, Congressmen Adrian Smith (R-NE), Jim Costa (D-CA), Dusty Johnson (R-SD), and Jimmy Panetta (D-CA) announced the launch of the bipartisan Congressional Agricultural Trade Caucus to advance and promote policies vital to U.S. agriculture, including boosting agricultural exports, facilitating food and agriculture trade, and knocking down unnecessary trade barriers.

As co-chairs of the caucus, the members released the following statements:

“American agriculture producers have the capacity to feed and fuel the world, and robust engagement on trade opportunities is vital to unleashing this potential,” said Rep. Smith. “Increasing—and maintaining—market access for our first-class products through rules-based trade strengthens our economy, increases economic security with our allies, and benefits consumers worldwide. I thank my fellow co-chairs for joining me in this effort to advance bipartisan trade policy.”

“Representing the breadbasket of the world, access to global markets is critical to our economy,” said Rep. Costa. “As Co-Chair of the Agricultural Trade Caucus, I look forward to working together to promote trade policies that will ensure American farmers remain competitive on the global stage.”

“Ensuring access to international markets for ag products is essential for South Dakota producers,” said Rep. Johnson. “I look forward to working with the co-chairs to help booster America's ag exports to retain healthy demand for our farmers and ranchers.”

“Congress needs to be more active in promoting trade agreements that will keep American producers competitive and empower them to feed the world,” said Rep. Panetta. “The bipartisan Agriculture Trade Caucus was founded to ensure the farmers and ranchers in our districts and throughout the country are prioritized in our nation’s overall trade agenda. Together, we are committed to ensuring new trade agreements are enforceable, high-standard deals that ensure fairness and expand new markets for the immense bounty our country produces.”

The new bipartisan Congressional Agricultural Trade Caucus will work to solidify support for trade policies that benefit farmers, ranchers, producers, rural communities, and all those along our food and agricultural supply chains. The caucus will support education and engagement opportunities for members of Congress to promote policies which boost international competitiveness, increase market access, address non-tariff barriers to trade, improve supply chains, and reestablish U.S. global leadership on trade.